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Tweet Shot is a real time visualization of Trends on Twitter.

It turns trend #hashtags into images and newslinks so you can grok what is trending and why!

Choose between two modes:


Monitor the Top Ten Trends in any country around the world in realtime.

Just select the nation and TWEETSHOT will shoot you what's trending there faster than you can shake a stick

Find out what interest that person before you interact!

Enter their @twittername and TWEETSHOT will kick out the top four #tags they tweet about.

Hint: Add a number after the twitter name to increase #tags retrieved
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Download the TWEETSHOT app for your android or iOS device. Follow the trends from any country in real time on your phone or tablet anywhere you go.

Investigate any twitter user obessions with just a click on the go!

Check out the Tweetshot Top Ten Trends Countdown Show On YouTube.

Everyday TWEETSHOT Programmatically generate a Youtube Show of the what's trending in the USA.

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You can SEARCH the TWEETSHOT archives for past trends around the world. We save the historical data on trends for cross reference so you can see what trended where and why!

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